Kaepernick is better off at this point planning to re-launch his career in 2018.

Elite Womens Julius Erving Jersey And speaking of raised fists, and not having to take part, and volunteering to be vulnerable … and of important historic statues, for that matter …

On the night in 1968, when Smith and Carlos raised their fists in protest on the medal stand during the national anthem at the Olympics in Mexico City, Australian silver medalist Peter Norman joined them on the stand. He also joined them in their protest, not gesturing, but wearing a pin for the Olympic Project for Human Rights.

He didn’t have to. But for the sake of what Smith and Carlos were doing, he did have to. The white sprinter from another country is now a part of the moment and of the movement forever. Norman was vilified in some segments of Australian society and its athletic hierarchy from then on — but here, among those who cherish his sacrifice, he has been embraced.

Robert Woods Game Jersey Not just because it’s the Jags, a club that may very well be on its way to a seventh straight season with at least 11 losses. The same thinking applies toward any other team besides Baltimore (more on them later) that may come calling now, unless it’s willing to tender a multiyear offer indicating an investment in Kaepernick’s NFL future.

Otherwise, Kaepernick is better off at this point planning to re-launch his career in 2018.

As well-meaning as the estimated 1,000 supporters were who gathered outside NFL headquarters earlier this week protesting his unemployment, history shows Kaepernick would be set up for failure if signed at this point of the preseason.