NBA shopping season is starting to warm up as Dec. 15 draws near

The passage of Thanksgiving does not typically spark a shopping frenzy in the NBA.

You’ll realistically have to wait another three weeks for that, until Dec. 15 hits and nearly 130 players who signed new contracts in the offseason become eligible to be stuffed into deals.

Yet there is a hint Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Authentic Womens Jersey of trade chatter in the air as November dribbles to a close. You wouldn’t describe it as anything super saucy yet, but there are players and situations to monitor. Such as:

Greg Monroe: Seven, zero, two and eight. Those are the minute totals Monroe logged in Milwaukee’s four games leading into Thanksgiving. The esteemed Zach Lowe and I had a good discussion on the Lowe Post podcast this week about the challenges in trading big men in the current market — specifically big men who are defensively challenged. The Bucks have explored the possibility of trading Monroe since last season’s deadline in February, which illustrates how hard it can be, but the limited role he has in Brewtown these days is akin to screaming that the 26-year-old is available.

Maybe it’s because Kerr lived on the periphery of so many rosters, and maybe it’s just best practices, but Kerr does intend to use everybody, even if it drives some fans crazy. It’s good for overall morale, and it’s insurance for when things go wrong and an understudy must step up.

Stephen Curry delivered a smooth, 34-point night after a rougher outing Len Dawson Authentic Womens Jersey Friday in Los Angeles. Again, Durant was casually excellent, this time to the tune of 28 points on 17 shots. Klay Thompson pitched in with 23 points on 17 shots. The trio did as they needed in Green’s absence, demonstrating how this superteam might differ from others: The Warriors can be down an All-Star and still look like the Warriors.

It requires everyone else to do their jobs, as happened on Saturday night, but it’s perhaps a unique advantage. The Warriors are better off having everyone, but they have so much and use so many, they can weather the moments when they don’t.