NHL playoff standings 2017: St. Louis shakes up Western Conference matchups

A relatively quiet Wednesday evening resulted in only one change to the NHL playoff picture. With the Blues moving closer to a playoff spot with a win, St. Louis moved over the Predators to take over the third spot in the Central.

The Kings still live to fight another day, especially after their dramatic win over the Flames, but are coming closer to the edge.

As for the Eastern Conference, things are still stable despite the handful of teams clamoring for that final wild card spot. Keep an eye on Tampa Bay as these last few weeks unfold.

The last playoff series between these two was quite fun. Many also singled out the Blackhawks to stumble and the Predators to take their place before the season. The season leading up to this hasn’t gone as planned, but everything’s off in the playoffs.

Cons: I feel triple overtime coming, again. Shanahan wouldn’t say Wednesday if he believes there’s a quarterback worthy of such an early and valuable pick, and also wouldn’t say if he felt there was even one ready to play right away. He did, however, preach the importance of patience when searching for a signal caller to build around.

Limited Mens Todd Davis Jersey “No one can guarantee anything. Everyone is just looking for that franchise quarterback and people have found them with the first pick of the draft and people have found them in the sixth round,” Shanahan said. “Just because he’s the first guy taken doesn’t mean he’s the going to be the best guy. Sometimes the last guy can be the best guy, you never know.”
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What is for sure is that the 49ers will be adding more quarterbacks. With just two on the roster, Shanahan made it clear that the team will head into camp with more options and could add more veterans later in the offseason, depending on the team’s haul in the draft.