Cowboys hoping to host another Super Bowl someday

The Cowboys want to host another Super Bowl, giving them a second chance to make a first impression. Or something like that.

The snowstorm of the century in North Texas combined with a seating fiasco ruined the team’s first try seven years ago.

Despite limited mobility after his surgery, Shazier made appearances at Heinz Field, visited teammates at practice in January, and stood up at a Penguins game to show his progress from an injury that slowed his lower-body movement.

“Right now I’m reading a book and it’s basically saying trust the process,” Shazier said. “I’m really trusting the process. I know the end goal. So I’m taking every step of the way, I’m giving everything I got. The therapists are like, ‘Man this is crazy; I’ve never seen anyone work this hard.’ They almost see progression every day.

“They say like some progressions they see week-to-week , they see from me day-to-day. I’m really trying to come back and still be a Pro Bowler. I’m sorry, because I feel I got snubbed this year for All-Pro even though I got hurt. But I feel like my stats are as good as those who made it.”

Last weekend, Washington drafted defensive tackle Da’Ron Payne in the first round and defensive tackle Tim Settle in the fifth.

McClain will turn 30 before the start of training camp. A former second-round pick of the Panthers, he also played with the Texans and Cowboys.

Which teams improved the most via the draft?

Anyone who has spent any time here over the past 10 years or so (thanks, by the way) knows how I feel about draft grades. They’re worthless and useless and ultimately an opportunity to land on @OldTakesExposed.

The standing draft grades from PFT are, each year and every year, an “I”. And whenever anyone says, “Well, why not got back three years and issue grades from past drafts?” I say this, “There’s no market for it. People don’t care. They look forward, not backward.”

So, fully aware of my reluctance to issue draft grades, Monday’s PFT Live included a draft of the teams that most improved themselves via the draft. Check it out and then chime in via the comments as to who won, and anything else you’d like to say.broncos_048_07321b3b44ca10e8-180x180