those odds are too good for anyone to turn down.

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DeRozan has one of the best floaters in the NBA, too. According to NBA Savant, he’s attempted 189 floaters this season and made 91 of those opportunities. The list of players who have attempted at least 100 floaters is seven deep, including DeRozan, and McCollum (52.5 percent) is the only one who has a greater success rate than him. That means whichever option DeRozan chooses from when he has his back to the basket basically has a 50-50 chance of going in.

Even as the NBA moves away from midrange shots and post play, those odds are too good for anyone to turn down.

Let’s be clear about this. Any move the Cavs make happens with the Warriors in mind. Despite the Celtics adding Gordon Hayward in free agency, the Cavs are still kings of the Eastern Conference until LeBron says otherwise. So the real question is: Does signing Rose close the gap on Golden State?
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No, it doesn’t. While Rose showed signs of his former self last season, his style of play doesn’t improve Cleveland’s chances to win a title — in fact, it hurts the Cavs in that specific matchup.

Rose has never been a consistent outside shooter, but with the Knicks, he essentially eliminated the threat of a 3-point shot altogether. He averaged less than one 3-point attempt per game for the 2016-17 season and hit at a 21.7 percent rate, the worst of his career. He shot 5 of 11 on corner 3-pointers (45.4 percent) but an abysmal 8 of 44 above the break (18.2 percent). Rose was also one of the worst Knicks players in spot-up situations, scoring 0.80 points per possession (19.7 percentile in the league).