Mayock miffed he’s not up for Thursday or Monday night football gigs

Now, I’ve done Notre Dame games nationally on Saturdays. I’ve done Thursday Night Football for the NFL Network. I kind 鈥?I feel like I’ve been there and I’ve shown what I can do and that I care about it. And, by the way, that’s my favorite thing. I mean, people associate me with the draft, but my favorite thing is to do games. And it bothers me that network executives think that the only 鈥?I mean, let’s put it this way, FOX has Thursday Night Football, and they feel like the only person that can do that game is Peyton Manning, and if he can’t then Troy Aikman’s got to do two a week. I don’t understand that thought process. I mean, Troy’s great, but there’s a stable of other guys who can do it just really well. So, yeah, I’m frustrated.
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Mayock is right; plenty of people could do a great job calling high-profile games. But when all things are largely equal from a substance standpoint, style drives the decision. The league and the networks want names, faces, and voices that cry out, This is a big deal! That’s why FOX went after Peyton, and that’s why Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will pull double duty 鈥?and why CBS and NBC previously had play-by-play announcers and/or analysts working two games per week.

As Mayock points out, he had climbed to the top of the ladder, with the significant platform that comes from NBC’s Notre Dame games to NFLN’s Thursday Night Football before the league sold the package to broadcast networks for simulcast. Mayock was indeed riding high, with Womens Toni Kukoc Jersey plenty of praise and the accolades that go along with it.

Prosecutors charged Foster with one felony for that violent act, another felony for forcefully attempting to prevent the victim from reporting the crime, and a third felony for possessing an assault weapon. Foster is also charged with a misdemeanor for possessing a large capacity magazine. The charges could carry up to 11 years in prison.
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The 49ers drafted Foster in the first round last year despite questions about character issues that had some teams reportedly taking him off their draft boards. Team owner Jed York was noncommittal last month about whether Foster has a future with the team. Foster will also be subject to league discipline, with the NFL conducting its own investigation that could find him in violation of the league’s personal conduct policy even if he is acquitted.

Jeff Green was awful, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Lue yanks him from the starting five, or at least pulls him earlier. The Cavs can’t run an optimal spread pick-and-roll with Green on the wing, because the defense ignores him.

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