Rivers noted that the Chargers have experience they can fall back on when facing adversity.

ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, several owners filed into a conference room on the sixth floor of the league’s headquarters, which featured a large, football-shaped table. The meeting was supposed to be a standard committee update about business ventures, followed by a conference call on the protests. But upon Goodell’s suggestion, the rest of the owners who were at Park Avenue ended up coming into the room. Goodell began by recapping the previous night’s meeting with the players. He indicated that it began with the players seeming reserved and sticking to their union talking points, but things improved as it went on. He made clear that this wasn’t going to be an issue that would go away overnight and that, moving forward, owners needed to find a solution that worked for everyone.
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We are going to cut back a little bit, Lynn said via a conference call with the Giants beat writers Wednesday. And, try to take our best game plan to New York. I want my guys to do the same thing. I want them to play fast, be physical and execute better and my way of doing that is cutting back a little bit.

In 2008, we were sitting at 4-8 and found our way in the postseason that year. These last two years, we struggled our way to four wins and five wins, which has not been very enjoyable, but we hung in there and fought together and you’ve never seen the locker room fall apart, or guys quit, he said.

Limited Kids Tyus Jones Jersey So while we don’t want to be in those situations, it says a lot about the character of the guys who have. So I have no doubt that our character is strong and that we’re going to continue to fight like crazy. But we’ve got 12 more games left.

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