Chiefs cheerleader obliterated by absent-minded sound guy running across field

I know working an NFL game is a high-pressure job, but surely you can at least watch where you’re running, right? This cheerleader was just doing her job and completed an impressive forward roll AND kept dancing only to get steamrolled.

We know sometimes football is so exciting you want to run through a brick wall, but there’s a time and a place.

Denver’s defense looks legit. It’s not a surprise that the Broncos defense is dominant, but it can be easy to forget after the team was 9-7 a year ago. With an improved Trevor Siemian at the helm of the offense, the Broncos are even more dangerous when the team can get an early lead.

After putting the Cowboys in a hole and emphasizing a stop of the run, the Broncos were able to take advantage of a one-dimensional Dallas offense.

The second-year quarterback finished with 238 passing yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. His second interception was returned by Aqib Talib more than 100 yards for a touchdown — the 10th of his career, making him the fourth player to ever reach that mark.

Coleman had an X-Ray on his hand after the Ravens’ 24-10 victory. The Browns never divulged any information concerning the injury, but they said Coleman will go though more tests on Monday.

It’s a low bar in Indianapolis these days.

The Patriots will try to take away the running game and force a rookie QB to beat them in the air from the pocket in that matchup. While the philosophy is always to blitz bad offensive lines to create five or more 1-on-1 matchups, Watson’s ability to extend plays in and out of the pocket makes me nervous about potentially taking players out of coverage.

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