McMahill said an officer saw Bennett crouched down behind a gaming machine and started to run after seeing police

Officers then began to give chase, leading to one officer and Bennett going over a wall and landing on the sidewalk.

Due to his actions, McMahill said police believed he may have involved in the reported shooting. Further investigation revealed there was no actual shooting and patrons were frightened by what had been a loud noise inside the casino.

Bennett was briefly detained at the police department and McMahill said he had no issue with being taken into custody, but did have issue with the manner in which he was detained by the arresting officer.

The road to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII begins 鈥?with a trip to REI for some thermals and gloves and hunting caps. But get back by Thursday night for the season opener, in which the Patriots begin to try to become the first team to repeat as champions since an earlier version of themselves did it in 2003 and ’04.

Obviously, then, the host for the primetime opener (hosted by the Super Bowl champ every year since 2004, except for the year a scheduling conflict sent the Ravens on the road) has never ended up winning it all. Nor has the winner of the opener 鈥?which has been the defending champion 11 out of 13 games. Conclusion: Don’t read too much into Thursday’s result.
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Game Kids Jarius Wright Jersey A more fun pursuit than overreacting to that game? Guessing which teams start on the path this weekend to making the playoffs after missing them last season. At least four have done that every season since the current playoff format began in 1990.

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