How did the NBA schedule makers screw your team this year?

Limited Kids Wilt Chamberlain Jersey The NBA released its full 2017-18 regular season schedule on Monday. Breaking news: each team plays 82 games again, about half at home and about half on the road. (Those pesky international games and the two L.A. teams sharing an arena makes the about necessary.)

The subject line above is a joke: no one truly gets screwed. The Blazers always end up traveling more than other teams because of their relative geographic isolation. Some teams have a tough month early, which is unfair because it means you spend the season playing from behind. Some teams have a tough month in the middle, which is unfair because it grinds the team down. Some teams have tough month at the end, which is unfair because it gives you a slim margin for error at season’s end.

In the short term, New York doesn’t have to worry. Porzingis is still on his rookie contract with a lucrative extension looming in 2019. Young players rarely, if ever, turn down their first massive extension, and regardless, he’ll be a restricted free agent, meaning the Knicks will be able to match any competing offer if Porzingis hits the market in two summers.

But Porzingis isn’t a short-term talent. He’s one of the most unique basketball talents the league has to offer and just worked out with Dirk Nowitzki on Thursday. And if he really wanted to, he could accept New York’s qualifying offer in 2020 to become an unrestricted free agent and skate town.
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So while the Knicks have time to make good with their star, they had better show some improvement, and fast. Because if Porzingis really wants to, he can leave, and there won’t be much New York can do about it.

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