If the NBA expanded today, here is the starting five you want

Limited Womens Eric Ebron Jersey Each of our 30 team sites protected eight of their own players, casting everyone else aside for our new teams to draft. Then, SB Nation’s Sonics Rising and two of us from SBNation.com drafted two new teams with the remaining players.

But we also wanted to hear from you. As part of these festivities, we asked all of you on social media who you would pick to be in the starting five of your ideal NBA expansion team. Here were the options we presented, taken from the list of players that our 30 team sites left unprotected.

But, once again, we must ask if teens should be sentenced to life in prison or condemned to death given what science and medicine have discovered about cognitive development. Additionally, Phillips confessed to the crime. But what about those who go to the death chamber proclaiming innocence who are, in fact, innocent?

The Innocence Project, which works to exonerate inmates who claim they were falsely accused and wrongly convicted, blame eyewitness testimony on a large number of false arrests and erroneous convictions. For many reasons, eyewitness accounts are inherently flawed because memory changes over time, studies have proved that many struggle to correctly identify people outside of their ethnic group, and the human brain can form inaccurate memories due to the trauma of life-or-death situations.

Limited Womens J.J. Watt Jersey Those wrongly convicted on eyewitness testimony, who have spent up to decades in prison, were exonerated through retroactive DNA testing, thanks to the work of the Innocence Project and similar organizations. Erroneous convictions not only steal people’s lives, they leave the public at risk. If the wrong person has been in prison for decades, how many crimes might the real perpetrator go on to commit while roaming throughout society, free?

When it comes to the death penalty — which cannot be undone if a mistake is made — would it not be reasonable to require DNA proof of guilt before a death sentence is handed down?

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