Denver GM John Elway: We need a QB to ‘take the reins and take over’

John Elway is ready for Denver to have a starting quarterback.

The Broncos general manager said Thursday it’s time either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch to take charge as the regular season draws closer. The next opportunity will be Saturday against the 49ers.

“We feel [Vick] has an incredibly bright future as an analyst,” John Entz, Fox Sports president of production and executive producer, said in an email. “He has stayed close to the game and has many relationships with today’s current coaches and players. We feel he can bring a truly unique perspective that intrigues and engages our viewers.”

Vick retired as a Falcon in June and served as a coaching intern with Chiefs last month.

“I’m very excited,” Vick said. “Things really came together (with Fox) over the last couple months. They have shows that I have always watched and admired. My friends and family are thankful and proud of me.”

Vick has said he wants to be a coach at the NFL level in the future “but right now isn’t the best timing for it.”

With arguably the worst contract in the NFL, Flacco has earned $91 million in bonus money since 2013, leaving him untradable and uncuttable at any point in the near future. Only once in his career has Flacco thrown for over 4,000 yards in a season (last year), and he has never thrown for 30 touchdowns in a season. The Ravens have made the playoffs just one time in the last four seasons since Flacco became a high-priced QB.seahawks_159

Thunder mascot visited the Royals to show he’s secretly good at baseball

Can you ever really have too many mascots? Of course not! And to prove it, Oklahoma City Thunder mascot Rumble the Bison spent Sunday hanging out with Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr before a Royals game — and it was complete and utter mascot mayhem.
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Yup, that’s a STRIKE. And did you see that dang flip on his way to the mound? You don’t usually think of mascots as athletes, but if this is how athletic they ALL are … then there might a new World Series contender next year.

Game Washington Wizards Jersey However, that’s all conjecture right now. For a Blazers team that desperately needed to clear salary, it makes the most sense to view the trade only in that light.

Brooklyn signed Crabbe to an offer sheet last summer, only to see the Blazers match it because Crabbe was a restricted free agency. While the Nets and the Blazers had to wait a full year before the trade could be executed, Brooklyn now gets the player they targeted just last season. Crabbe also agreed to waive a 15 percent trade kicker, which would have increased his contract by 15 percent because he was traded.

Last season, Crabbe averaged about 10.7 points on 47 percent shooting from the floor and 44 percent from behind the three-point line. Crabbe doesn’t do much else, but he’ll fit into a Brooklyn system that shoots loads of threes — fourth most in the league last season by attempts, more than even Golden State.

As for Portland, they still are well over the cap limit. Before this trade, they had about $137 million in guaranteed money on the books for next season, in large part due to C.J. McCollum’s four-year, $106 million extension kicking in. While they’ll save some money by dumping Crabbe and waiving Nicholson, they’ll still be paying hefty luxury tax penalties for going so far over the $99 million salary cap. If Portland can find another cap cutting move this offseason, there’s a very good chance they’ll take it.

How did the NBA schedule makers screw your team this year?

Limited Kids Wilt Chamberlain Jersey The NBA released its full 2017-18 regular season schedule on Monday. Breaking news: each team plays 82 games again, about half at home and about half on the road. (Those pesky international games and the two L.A. teams sharing an arena makes the about necessary.)

The subject line above is a joke: no one truly gets screwed. The Blazers always end up traveling more than other teams because of their relative geographic isolation. Some teams have a tough month early, which is unfair because it means you spend the season playing from behind. Some teams have a tough month in the middle, which is unfair because it grinds the team down. Some teams have tough month at the end, which is unfair because it gives you a slim margin for error at season’s end.

In the short term, New York doesn’t have to worry. Porzingis is still on his rookie contract with a lucrative extension looming in 2019. Young players rarely, if ever, turn down their first massive extension, and regardless, he’ll be a restricted free agent, meaning the Knicks will be able to match any competing offer if Porzingis hits the market in two summers.

But Porzingis isn’t a short-term talent. He’s one of the most unique basketball talents the league has to offer and just worked out with Dirk Nowitzki on Thursday. And if he really wanted to, he could accept New York’s qualifying offer in 2020 to become an unrestricted free agent and skate town.
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So while the Knicks have time to make good with their star, they had better show some improvement, and fast. Because if Porzingis really wants to, he can leave, and there won’t be much New York can do about it.

If the NBA expanded today, here is the starting five you want

Limited Womens Eric Ebron Jersey Each of our 30 team sites protected eight of their own players, casting everyone else aside for our new teams to draft. Then, SB Nation’s Sonics Rising and two of us from drafted two new teams with the remaining players.

But we also wanted to hear from you. As part of these festivities, we asked all of you on social media who you would pick to be in the starting five of your ideal NBA expansion team. Here were the options we presented, taken from the list of players that our 30 team sites left unprotected.

But, once again, we must ask if teens should be sentenced to life in prison or condemned to death given what science and medicine have discovered about cognitive development. Additionally, Phillips confessed to the crime. But what about those who go to the death chamber proclaiming innocence who are, in fact, innocent?

The Innocence Project, which works to exonerate inmates who claim they were falsely accused and wrongly convicted, blame eyewitness testimony on a large number of false arrests and erroneous convictions. For many reasons, eyewitness accounts are inherently flawed because memory changes over time, studies have proved that many struggle to correctly identify people outside of their ethnic group, and the human brain can form inaccurate memories due to the trauma of life-or-death situations.

Limited Womens J.J. Watt Jersey Those wrongly convicted on eyewitness testimony, who have spent up to decades in prison, were exonerated through retroactive DNA testing, thanks to the work of the Innocence Project and similar organizations. Erroneous convictions not only steal people’s lives, they leave the public at risk. If the wrong person has been in prison for decades, how many crimes might the real perpetrator go on to commit while roaming throughout society, free?

When it comes to the death penalty — which cannot be undone if a mistake is made — would it not be reasonable to require DNA proof of guilt before a death sentence is handed down?

NFL allowing players to wear custom cleats without fines, finally

The NFL already relaxed the rules about celebration dances this offseason, and now they’re taking it one step further. The league will also ease up on the rules about cleats, making the game just a little more fun.

Boldin spent last season with the Lions, finishing with 584 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. He entertained offers from the Bills, Lions, and Ravens this offseason, but settled on Buffalo.

He played in just one preseason contest with the Bills, contributing one catch for five yards.

Boldin, who will be 37 in October, spent the first seven years of his career in Arizona after being drafted by the Cardinals in the second round of the 2003 draft. He spent three seasons with the Ravens and three with the 49ers before landing in Detroit last season.

Watkins’ health problems were his main issue in Buffalo, though. He’s struggled to stay on the field since his rookie season, and the trade to Los Angeles is a case of the Bills giving up on him as a long-term piece.

He sat out of eight games last year, and even before then, he wasn’t playing up to par. When healthy, he’s among the most explosive receivers in the league, but his health has held him back from being great. The Rams now get a chance with him if he ever returns to full form, as the team continues to try to pile up weapons for 2016 No. 1 pick Jared Goff.

Earlier in the offseason, the Rams signed Robert Woods as a free agent, and now he’ll be reunited with Watkins.

The Bills will instead work with Matthews and take a step back defensively by swapping out Ronald Darby for E.J. Gaines.

Royals pitcher Nathan Karns kept a piece of his own rib after surgery

In mid-July, Royals pitcher Nathan Karns was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome — a neurogenic condition caused by the compression of nerves near the neck and shoulder — ending his season and necessitating surgery.

Thoracic outlet syndrome is treatable and can be fixed with surgery for the most part, but that surgery is also a rough one to think through, considering it involves removing a part of someone’s first rib in order to get them back to full health.

Which is what happened to poor Orbit in this case, as just after the picture was taken of Orbit and Chris holding the diploma, multiple people hopped out of the Rays dugout and started pelting Orbit with water balloons.
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Arian Foster Kids Jersey But don’t worry, Orbit was prepared for such treachery. He had a second jersey on underneath his top shirt, and immediately took a layer off to reveal that jersey was protected by a massive poncho. He knew this was coming and wasn’t taking chances.

Orbit also had a water gun stashed away nearby and retaliated against the Rays’ insidious plot with his own form of watery fun. He wasn’t born yesterday, clearly.

The Rays and Astros face off once more this week and after that they won’t meet again until 2018. If I could bet on whether this feud will have one more installment before the teams go their separate ways this season, I definitely would.

He tweeted a video of his latest homer, and said it was by far [his] favorite home run that [he] ever hit because he had tried multiple times this season to hit one out of the park with Babe Ruth’s swing.

he almost always gives his team some value after turning 28.

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Roth had injury problems, and his big mouth (dude’s nickname was Braggo) kept teams away from him when he was released. Travis was never the same after World War II. Lindstrom and Daniels both had knee problems.

Jefferies and Murray each had their own maladies, and they drifted away, but neither of them were nearly as awful as Sandoval was with the Red Sox.

Which means that in baseball history, there hasn’t been a collapse like this that wasn’t directly attributable to injuries. When a player is solid-to-excellent multiple times in his early 20s, he almost always gives his team some value after turning 28.

Sandoval wasn’t an MVP candidate, and he wasn’t on a Hall of Fame path, but he was a two-time All-Star with a history of hitting better than his peers. That didn’t mean there wasn’t a chance for a disappointing contract, but it did mean that a complete and utter collapse into the bowels of the nightmare void was nearly impossible.

It happened. But the lesson isn’t that Sandoval wasn’t that good to begin with. He was fine. Better than fine. And his swing really was made for Fenway.
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While the Lakers, who won just 26 games last year, are the subject of an ongoing media frenzy stemming from the additions of team president Magic Johnson (who, coincidentally, is also involved in running the Dodgers) and their anointed rookie savior Ball, the Dodgers have quietly emerged as the best team in baseball, posting a 66-29 record thus far while opening up a 11-game lead on the second-place Rockies.

The Dodgers, led by Bellinger, have been one of the most important stories in baseball this season yet have fallen short of national hysteria. The contributing factors: the rise of Aaron Judge, the surprising struggles of the defending champion Cubs and at least partially, a national obsession with Ball, his summer league performances and his loud-mouth dad.

NHL All-Star Game 2017: Wayne Simmonds steals show, MVP honors in L.A.

It was fitting that this Hollywood return for Wayne Simmonds came with a happy ending.

The Flyers winger, originally drafted by the Kings, dazzled at Sunday’s NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles and, at times, outplayed superstar Metropolitan Division teammates Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin to win MVP honors at his old stomping grounds.

Simmonds scored three total goals, including the eventual game-winner in the final round against Connor McDavid and the Pacific Division, to capture the $1 million grand prize in his All-Star Game debut. He seemed at home under the bright lights of Staples Center. After all, it was there Simmonds established his NHL roots before blossoming into an All-Star after a trade to the Flyers in 2011.

Regrettably, there is a personal matter that requires my immediate attention that will force me to leave the team temporarily and miss the All-Star Game in Los Angeles, Tortorella said in a statement. This decision was not made lightly as representing the Columbus Blue Jackets is something I am very proud of, but it is the right decision for my family and I. I appreciate the support of our organization and the National Hockey League and my hope is to be back with the team next week.

Blue Jackets assistants Brad Larsen and Brad Shaw will handle head coaching duties in Tortorella’s absence.
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You know what, Mikey, you can make their heads bleed in this one. I’m going to make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed for super fan No. 99 over here.
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This scene was so money, baby. It’s so money and it doesn’t even know it.

‘NBA 2K18’ reveals soundtrack featuring big names like Kendrick Lamar, Damian Lillard

Video game publisher 2K Sports has successfully used soundtracks in recent years to reach larger audiences, leveraging popular musicians like Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and DJ Khaled (plus the likes of LeBron James) to put their names on the box as curators of the playlists.

While there is no one in that position with “NBA 2K18,” the soundtrack offers a wide variety of current-day hits and blasts from the past that goes 50 songs deep.

Among the artists featured are Kendrick Lamar, Future, Drake, Pitbull, OutKast, Naughty by Nature, Def Leppard, Nas and even Trail Blazers star point guard Damian Lillard, who raps under the name Dame D.O.L.L.A. He actually has two songs in the game, with one of them hidden away to be unlocked through the game’s MyPlayer career mode.

The Chargers’ ability to give the Broncos fits in 2016 means it’s safe to assume their season-opening matchup is far from an easy win for Denver. It also will cost the Broncos at least day of preparation for their Week 2 showdown against the Cowboys. A cross-country trip to Buffalo isn’t exactly a comfortable way to end the first month of the season.

Denver’s annual home game against Oakland comes early in the season this year, a week before a bye the Broncos probably wish would have been scheduled later in the season. The break in the schedule at least will give the Broncos plenty of time to prepare for a primetime, home showdown against the Giants before they close the month on the road against the division-rival Chargers and Chiefs.

Gelbaugh was drafted by the Cowboys out of Maryland. He got a second NFL chance from the Bills out of the CFL and a third with the Cardinals after shining in Europe in the World League of American Football. The Seahawks got the worst out of him in 1992, when he went 0-8 as a starter. He rated only 52.9 as a passer, with a 47.5 completion percentage.pacers_022

That’s doing right by the Panther Way.

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While all of these moves should lead to a better team, the Panthers need a healthy Newton to make another serious Super Bowl run. Rivera was encouraged that Newton would be ready for the season opener at San Francisco despite missing two weeks of practice because of pain in his throwing shoulder. Newton returned to team drills Sunday as the Panthers broke camp.

The doctors shut him down. He was going a little too fast, Rivera said. We needed to slow him down, so they did. They had him not doing anything active for a few days, then he started throwing on the sideline with trainers. He’s built it up.

Rivera hopes he can eventually say the same about his entire team when it comes to rebuilding from it 2016 debacle.

I feel strong about who we are, he said. I like the things we’ve done. If we jell and come together as a team, we can get right back to where we need to be.

That’s doing right by the Panther Way.
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Kerry Hyder, DE, Lions. Hyder suffered what’s being called a significant Achilles injury Sunday against the Colts and is likely to miss several weeks. It’s a big loss for Detroit, as Hyder led the team with eight sacks last season. The injury occurred when Hyder slipped to the ground while pressuring Colts QB Scott Tolzien.

Denzel Perryman, LB, Chargers. The injury bug keeps biting the Chargers, as Perryman was carted off about 10 minutes into the fourth quarter with a left ankle injury, depleting an already thin linebacking corps. The third-year middle linebacker has been pegged for a bigger role in San Diego this season, including calling the defensive plays.