Chris Paul spots Clippers fan in Utah, gives him sweaty jersey off his back

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Chris Paul had an extra special celebration after the Los Angeles Clippers won Game 3 against the Utah Jazz on Friday.

Paul saw spotted a Clippers fan as he was walking back to the locker room, and gave the lucky kid the sweaty jersey off his back. And you can’t really blame him for being excited to do that: Paul was instrumental in giving the Clippers the win by leading the team in a fourth-quarter comeback.

With the news that Blake Griffin will be out with a toe injury, it looks like it’ll be up to Paul to guide Los Angeles for the rest of the playoffs.

I think we need to see what exactly Neil Olshey does to clarify the roster before I’m on board with Portland to be better than what they’ve been, which is a team winning 45 or so games. They still don’t have perimeter defense, and one month per season of strong play doesn’t instill a great deal of confidence in Jusuf Nurkic in me. Evan Turner seems like a difficult contract to move, no?

I’m extremely interested to see what both Olshey and Presti do to gain an edge. The Thunder so badly need shooting, but Blake Griffin might be available. Do you chase that?

If I can briefly bring in a team outside the playoff picture, it’s a critical summer for Denver, too: they know Nikola Jokic is their centerpiece now, and they can build around that. The Nuggets chased Dwyane Wade last summer, and I wonder if they’ll be looking to vets again.

Davon House Authentic Jersey Where are you at on the Clippers? I’m usually on Team Run It Back, but that payroll with the repeater tax is simply outrageous. The West isn’t getting easier.

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