James Johnson took Marcus Morris’ soul on this dunk

I know he attempted and successfully completed one of the best posters on Marcus Morris, but he didn’t even bother to think of the repercussions? Johnson went knee first, so that must’ve hurt, on top of it looking really cool.

It even took a while for Morris to get up. Maybe because that hurt, but I also wouldn’t blame him if he stayed on the floor out of sheer embarrassment.

The Miami Heat were quick to add insult to injury. As soon as they posted the video on Twitter they made that dunk into a poster, complete with Johnson’s signature.
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San Francisco 49ers – Mike Evans, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M: Colin Kaepernick has shown a liking for bigger targets. He’s a much better quarterback when Vernon Davis is on the field and could certainly use Michael Crabtree back in the lineup. Anquan Boldin has been a fine addition for San Francisco, but a long-term fixture at wide receiver is needed across from Crabtree. Mike Evans, if he declares, will be an interesting case study. He may not run the fastest time in the 40-yard dash, but he’s downright dominant in the vertical passing game because of his ability to win at the catch point. Kaepernick would love throwing the ball to this young wide receiver.

Game Kids Tre Boston Jersey New York Jets – Eric Ebron, Tight End, North Carolina: Geno Smith isn’t going to develop into a franchise quarterback without a little bit of help. He has a limited number of receivers to work with, so adding talented pass catchers should be a priority for New York on draft weekend. With the depth of this wide receiver class and New York’s needs at both tight end and wide receiver, the Jets can afford to select Eric Ebron here.

Cam Cleeland nearly lost vision in eye after hazing incident in 1998

In My Opinion, this is a growing trend in the NFL in locker rooms from Miami to Washington- The Superstar QB or Offensive Tackle who are looking for a excuse to quit football and still get paid.

A quick look at the facts shows us that took more shots in Minnesota last night then Koren Robinson. Many of these came on plays where RG-Me would just try to pump-fake a defenser out of his socks and then take a selfish hit as he was getting rid of the ball or throwing a touchdown. You could almost see him checking off a little box in his mind, smiling that disengenous smile and saying “Ok, good theres another big hit I took on national TV.”

The Redskins’ offensive success is tied to their running game. Alfred Morris ran for 139 yards against the Vikings, opening up the pass and taking pressure his quarterback. Griffin III has an above-average quarterback rating of 102.0 when Morris runs for 100 yards or more in 2017, confirming the idea that asking him to be the team’s focal point is not how the team will have offensive success moving forward.

This idea often seems foreign to a team desirous of putting the game on its quarterback’s shoulders. Morris averaged 5.3 yards per carry on Thursday night, but the Redskins elected to have Griffin throw the ball three straight times from the four yard line late in the game. It was a case of over-thinking the time on the clock and asking the passing game to convert a fade throw to close the game rather than try to punch it in on the ground.

Finally, the man hosting the event gets on the microphone. He not only leads the women in a “Fired up!” “Yes we are!” chant, but a Gronk chant as well. He informs us that we need to do this when Gronk makes his big entrance.


Jonathan Martin’s text message to his teammate required a little context.

Limited Cory Schneider Jersey Richie Incognito had context on his mind when he went on the Fox Sports pregame show with Jay Glazer on Sunday. The suspended Dolphins lineman defended his threatening messages to teammate Jonathan Martin by telling the cameras that was just how he and Martin talked to each other. The big revelation was supposed to be a text message Incognito received from Martin threatening to “kill his whol f’ing family.”

Keenum has thrown seven touchdowns and no interceptions since taking over the starting job in Week 7, and is a major reason the Texans are favored by seven points, according to Odds Shark. While the young signal caller is cause for optimism, bettors should beware of the Texans’ struggles against the odds this season: They’ve gone 2-7 against the spread (ATS) and are 0-4 at home. Losing Arian Foster for the season doesn’t help their cause, either.
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The Raiders, on the other hand, have gone 3-1 ATS on the road and are 6-3 overall. However, they’ve gone 2-5 ATS in their last seven games against Houston. They’ll need Terrelle Pryor, who’s thrown eight interceptions to just one touchdown in his last four games, to protect the ball better if they hope to hang with the Texans and their elite defense.

Atlanta has collapsed like no other, given that they were expected to fight for a spot in the Super Bowl this season. They’ve now lost three consecutive games, but stand a solid chance to pick up a win this week. That said, the Buccaneers picked up their first win of the season in Week 10, besting the Miami Dolphins, 22-19.

Obviously, beating the Dolphins isn’t a huge deal, but they’ve won more recently than the Falcons, for whatever that is worth. Duper was drafted by the Dolphins as a second-round pick in 1982, and played 11 seasons for the team. He caught passes from Dan Marino, was named to the Pro Bowl three times and was an All-Pro selection in 1983 and 1984.

USA vs. Puerto Rico final score: United States wins 2017 World Baseball Classic

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It took four tries, but the United States finally won one of these things. Behind a dominant pitching performance by Marcus Stroman, and following a home run by Ian Kinsler, the USA shut out Puerto Rico 8-0 in the championship game Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Authentic Womens Kyle Van Noy Jersey It marked the USA’s first appearance in the tournament finals, and they’re the third country to win in the tournament’s four editions. They beat both former champions along the way — Japan in the semifinals and the Dominican Republic in the quarterfinals.

Smith is a rank hot-take amateur used to pitching softballs of molten steel compared to Ball, who tosses takes the size of the sun like a medicine ball and all you do is get out of the way. Listen carefully as Smith can only offer a whimper as he begs Would you stop it? He knows this is no Skip Bayless, and he is at the altar of hot-take greatness.

Shoot, LaVar even renamed Los Angeles while he was there:

LaVar Ball on First Take: You know what LA stands for? LaVar’s Awesome. I am dead.

Nobody has developed a better brand in the last three months that LaVar Ball. The man has gone from total obscurity to being a part of the sports lexicon just as quickly as the Ice Bucket Challenge or planking did. Let’s check the head-to-head on popularity:

You know this means LaVar is getting his own studio show soon — and you know what, we’re all for it. There’s room in the sports landscape to take the hot-take show so far that it becomes absurdist theater. We all need it.

Chicago Fire taking a huge risk by signing Bastian Schweinsteiger

Limited Mens Tim McCarver Jersey The Chicago Fire made some late breaking news on Monday night when the Chicago Tribune reported that the club had signed Bastian Schweinsteiger. The club went on to confirm the news early on Tuesday morning.

Schweinsteiger will join the Fire immediately, and could make the squad for their April 1 match against the Montreal Impact if his visa and International Transfer Certificate go through without a hiccup.

On its face, this sounds like a good thing. The Fire, one of the worst teams in MLS over the last decade, has picked up a World Cup and Champions League winner with serious name recognition. But when you dive into the details, his signing doesn’t look particularly wise.

It is very sad to me that someone would do something like this. It is like taking a great Chagall or Picasso or something. You can never display it. And somehow, I feel there’ll be some news that’ll clear this up in the not-too-distant future, Kraft said to Fox Business Network is Maria Bartiromo.
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Law enforcement hoped that the jersey, and James White is game-winning touchdown ball, would be found on the Patriots equipment truck. The truck had not been thoroughly searched, but when it was unloaded, the jersey was not there. White is touchdown ball was found, though details on its recovery are unavailable.

Premier League scores, Week 29: Manchester City and Liverpool gave everything, but neither won

The Premier League produced some spectacular action this weekend, with 28 goals across 10 games. But the best game of the weekend — the marquee clash between Liverpool and Manchester City — was most notable for the times the ball didn’t hit the back of the net.

Both teams had a ton of great chances, but only scored once apiece, and both will consider the result to be two points dropped. Between that result and Arsenal’s poor performance at The Hawthorns on Saturday, the big winners of the weekend were Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. Spurs look solidified in their top-four position, while United are now just four points away from getting back into a Champions League place — and they have two games in hand on Liverpool.

The defining characteristic of this game ended up being missed chances. Each team had 13 shots, which isn’t a huge number, but none of them was a hopeful effort. There was only one shot from outside the box, and it was taken centrally from inside 25 yards. This should have been a seven- or eight-goal game, not a two-goal game.Zlatan Ibrahimovic was suspended for United’s trip to Middlesbrough, while Paul Pogba missed out due to a minor injury. It didn’t matter, because United’s backups stepped up in their absence — particularly Marouane Fellaini and Jesse Lingard. Here’s how Lingard solidified the Red Devils’ lead with what was ultimately the winner.

South Carolina, for its part, has dumped 90 points on UNC Asheville and Kentucky in the last month and last lost at Missouri on Feb. 19. Outside Mizzou, the Gamecocks have only lost to Duke, UConn, and Tennessee, and they have little to fear going into their Sunday matchup against Arizona State.3

Bryant ¡®Big Country¡¯ Reeves, ¡¯90s cult hero, has a son playing for OSU in March Madness

You see that glorious picture at the top of this article? That¡¯s a photo of Bryant ¡°Big Country¡± Reeves playing basketball in a dope Vancouver Grizzlies jersey in the late 1990s.

If you¡¯re not familiar, Big Country is the best thing to ever come out of the OSU men¡¯s basketball program. He led the team to the Final Four in 1995, then played for the Grizzlies for his entire career until 2001. He now lives on a ranch in Oklahoma, probably wears a big-ass cowboy hat, and generally does what you do when your name is Big Country and you made a boat load of money in the NBA: Whatever the hell you want.

Earl Campbell Mens Jersey This 7-foot tall dude was a cult hero in the 1990s. And now, more than 20 years later, there¡¯s good news for Big Country fans: His son is following in his father¡¯s footsteps.
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If you¡¯re an OSU/avid college basketball fan, you already know this, but in case you don¡¯t: Trey ¡°Slightly Less Big Country¡± Reeves walked onto the Oklahoma State team this year as a freshman. You might see him right now, sitting on the bench while OSU plays Michigan in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

He¡¯s hard to miss, check this kid out:

Slightly Less Big Country is shorter than his dad, and he isn¡¯t the star his father was (at least not yet). But this family tree is a good reminder that a) we¡¯re all old as shit now, because Big Country has a son who¡¯s old enough to play college basketball, b) legends never die, they just have kids, and c) it pays to be a legacy at an institution.

And now, for good measure, he¡¯s a picture of Big Country dunking a basketball:

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Tony Romo will probably sign with the Broncos or Texans, but there are other options

For the first time in Tony Romo’s 14-year NFL career, he’ll start the season with a team other than the Dallas Cowboys. They’ll release the veteran quarterback on Thursday, setting up the next chapter in Romo’s career and the biggest storyline of the offseason.

After signing with a team as an undrafted free agent after the 2003 NFL draft, Romo faced the possibility that he wouldn’t make the roster in his first couple seasons, but by 2005 he secured the backup job in Dallas. By October 2006 he was the starter.

Simply put, it’s time for Arsenal to thank Arsène Wenger for everything he’s done for the Gunners over the last 20 seasons — and find a new manager. For the good of the club, that’s looking more and more like the only practical option. They need to make significant changes in the club’s structure, both in terms of the team, tactical setup, and even player recruitment, and there are too many questions as to whether or not Wenger is the man to make those changes, especially in light of recent results on the pitch.

It’s time for the next era of Arsenal football. An era without Arsène Wenger. He’s had a hell of a career and deserves all the praise in the world, but the time has come to move on and find out what happens next.

Again, Wenger is a tremendously accomplished manager who has earned a world of respect during his career. He is rightfully considered to be a legend at Arsenal, and deserves all benefit of the doubt that goes along with that status. But eventually results and actions move past the level that such benefit can look past, and it feels like we’ve reached that point.