Cam Newton ran around the field like Hulk Hogan as the Panthers celebrated 13-0

The Panthers have not lost a single game this year, and they are having a whole lot of fun.

Quarterback Cam Newton ran all around the field and did his best Hulk Hogan impression. He is easily the most fun quarterback in the league.

After thoroughly dismantling the Falcons, or more accurately *while* dismantling the Falcons, the Panthers took a team picture and did a coordinated team dab. Everyone on the team appears to be loving the winning streak they’re on, for obvious reasons.

Elite Womens Matt Schaub Jersey There’s going to be a whole bunch of old people upset by this. Can’t wait.

Elite Womens Marshawn Lynch Jersey For the record, someone should have told Jonathan Stewart how long they were dabbing for.

Well for one they exhibited terrble sportsmanship by continuing to run the ball into the gigantic gap left by JJ Watt on every play when he charges 8 yds straight ahead into the backfield. Theres a gentlemans agreement in the NFL that since JJ is taking himself out of the play you shoudnt exploit it. Its like you cant cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend just because shes out of town and shes pretty much begging you to. But the Patriots arent the kind of team to overlook a sinister opportunity, so in the first half Belichick kept pounding that hole like it was on a third date with Rob Gronkowski. Shameful.

The only silver lining is that the DeflateGate appeal continues to progress through the legal system and there is actualy a decent cahnce that the next major court hearings could take place either during the week before, or during Superbowl week which I could see either being a huge distracton for the Patriots, or maybe a huge advantage for the Patriots because it would be a huge distracton for there opponents as well. Classic Belicheck.

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