Huston Street and Jonathan Papelbon also ranked in the top 10

Those results and Chapman’s inconsistency in the postseason point to the bigger picture: One reason relievers are so dominant these days — there were 51 relievers who pitched at least 50 innings with Seth Roberts Authentic Jersey an ERA below 3.00 in 2016 and 61 in 2015 — is precisely because they do pitch so few innings. Would Britton go 47-for-47 in save opportunities if he pitched 110 innings instead of 67? Would Chapman average 14 K’s per nine innings if he had to pitch two innings on Tuesday, two innings on Thursday and then again on Saturday? It may be smarter for managers to shift more innings to their best relievers and away from their sixth and seventh guys, but they do so at the risk of the best guys not being as effective.

Some things worth remembering:

In just about any complex negotiation, there is disagreement. There are fights. There are arguments. There are threats. There is middle ground that needs to be identified. It’s part of the process.

The labor agreement expires on Dec. 1, but it’s a very soft deadline, because there are no games being played; there are no player payrolls being met. There aren’t hard dollars at risk at the moment, only theoretical dollars. It really can’t be classified as a serious situation until one side or the other interrupts spring training, and that’s about 75 days away.

The two sides are making incredible money, dollars that their predecessors could have Shilique Calhoun Authentic Jersey only dreamed of. MLB executives rightly tout the growth in the industry, with its revenues now somewhere in the range of $10 billion.

In the postseason, I think the trend of shorter stints for starters may continue, although keep in mind that eight of the 29 starts this postseason of fewer than five innings belonged to the Indians and their somewhat unusual circumstance. Still, the overriding lesson that Francona understood is to manage with urgency in the postseason.

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