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The Falcons ran out of offensive linemen, had to play TE Levine Toilolo at RT

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Andrew Gachkar Jersey Not surprisingly, Levine Toilolo, the TE forced into playing RT, got smoked on that Matt Ryan sack.

That’s Levine Toilolo, the Stanford product, getting beaten badly off the edge. He’s not even their blocking TE — that’d be Bear Pascoe — and he looked lost. He’s understandably unsure as to how to get into the right stance, and just wasn’t ready to face a starting-caliber defensive end who had size, technique and experience on him.

1) Mike Glennon is the answer. OK, he’s an answer, a potential answer, a potential short-term answer at the very least. The ginger giraffe made the start this week in place of an injured Josh McCown, and he was a big reason the Bucs played so much better than they have all season. Glennon completed 21 of his 42 passes for 302 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. His numbers weren’t great, but he did a much better job throwing the ball and taking advantage of Mike Evans. Having Doug Martin back on the field certainly didn’t hurt Glennon or the Bucs this week.

2) Who are the Steelers? They looked like a team that found its stride in a Sunday night hammering of the Carolina Panthers last week, after getting blown out by the Ravens the week before and sneaking by the Browns in the season opener. Pittsburgh outproduced the Bucs on the ground and through the air. The Steelers also outdid their opponents with sloppy play. They had 13 penalties, including a costly one on third down late in the fourth quarter that gave the Bucs new life on the Steelers’ 35-yard line. The defense bailed them out on that drive, keeping Tampa Bay out of the end zone. It was special teams’ turn to screw up next, punting to midfield and leaving the Bucs with just 46 yards to go on the game-winning drive.

3) Le’Veon Bell is Pittsburgh’s MVP. It’s now four weeks in a row that Bell has totaled more than 100 yards. He ran for 63 on 19 carries and caught six passes for 46 yards. Tampa’s defense limited his effectiveness on the ground, though, to just 3.3 yards per carry.

New York Giants Shouldn’t Sign Odell Beckham Jr. Long-Term Yet

The New York Giants have plenty to worry about this offseason, but the club doesn’t have to worry about wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. right now.

On paper, the New York Giants have as much a chance to win Super Bowl LII as does any other team in the NFC. Just like the Giants, the Atlanta Falcons—the reigning conference champions—finished the regular season with a record of 11-5. The Dallas Cowboys won the NFC East, but Big Blue swept their hated division rivals in 2016. Neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Seattle Seahawks are better than the Giants as February comes to an end.

With that said, the Giants must think ahead and about the future while at the same time attempting to establish a roster capable of winning a Super Bowl title less than 12 months from today. The first player who may come to the minds of fans and analysts regarding such discussions is dynamic New York wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham’s numbers and offensive production speak to what he has meant to the Giants since the club acquired him in the 2014 NFL Draft. The 24-year-old set records during his three seasons in the NFL, and he rapidly became a superstar known for completing one-handed catches and for featuring in national advertising campaigns. It’s not a stretch to suggest Beckham is the public face of the Giants as of the second month of 2017.

Also announced was the Giants’ punishment for using walkie talkies during a December win over Dallas: New York’s fourth-round pick falls 10 spots, from 130 to 140. The Giants already were fined $150,000 and coach Ben McAdoo $50,000.

The good news for Patriots fans is that the team gained a fifth-round compensatory pick, No. 185 overall, plus a third-rounder from the Browns (No. 103) as part of the Jamie Collins trade. Oh, and your team is Super Bowl champ and stuff.

Sosa said his business ventures in his home in the Dominican Republic and around the world are doing well.

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Elite Allen Robinson Jersey The Jazz are currently fifth in the Western Conference with a 35-22 record, just a half-game behind the Clippers for the fourth seed. Homecourt advantage for the first round of the playoffs is firmly within reach, and that¡¯s something the franchise should want after years of building to this point.

Favors may be expensive and expendable, but he¡¯s still an effective, 25-year-old big man with upside. The Jazz would need to turn to Trey Lyles and Boris Diaw as his replacements, and that¡¯s not exactly a one-two punch that screams, ¡°We can match up against Blake Griffin in the postseason.¡±

Maybe the Jazz could trade him in a deal that brings back a piece or two capable of helping the team now, but it would be hard to move Favors without hurting the team¡¯s playoff run aspirations. Even with a championship out of reach this year, the franchise would probably love to win a playoff series or two to gain experience for the players and rile up the fans.

Favors could be on the move, but the odds are against a deal getting done prior to the trade deadline. It might be more likely that a deal would happen around the 2017 NBA Draft, which would allow the Jazz to have Favors for the playoff run before trying to recoup value for him. That seems like the most logical outcome if Utah is resigned to moving Favors before next season.

He added: “Chuck, it’s like Jesus Christ when he came to Jerusalem. Everybody thought Jesus Christ was a witch [laughing], and he was our savior. So if they talk s— about Jesus Christ, what about me? Are you kidding me?”

Sosa said his business ventures in his home in the Dominican Republic and around the world are doing well. He has no interest in coaching and would only return to baseball as an owner. He said he was happy to see the Cubs finally break the curse and win a World Series, but he needs an invitation from the team to return to Wrigley Field.

Kings, Pelicans agree to DeMarcus Cousins trade, sources say

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The Sacramento Kings have agreed to trade DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Buddy Hield, ?Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a 2017 first-round pick and 2017 second-rounder, sources told ESPN.

The first-round pick is top-three protected, sources said.

The Pelicans say they feel confident they can eventually re-sign Cousins, who is from nearby Mobile, Alabama, to a long-term extension, a league source told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

The Kings have an agreement with the Pelicans to deal DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento’s supremely talented but temperamental center. Here’s some answers on some key issues surrounding the deal.

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson was measured in his thoughts about the position and it’s value.

“I think it’s just the way it goes,” Thompson said. “I think whether it’s this year or two years from now or something, there’ll be a year where there’s five of them going in the first round. It’s just cyclical and interesting but it probably doesn’t mean anything philosophically. I don’t think teams are less inclined to take running backs now than they were five years ago.”

Alec Ogletree Authentic Jersey Ameer Abdullah: While Abdullah is noted for being under-sized, he’s got the college production to back him up and he’ll be looking forward to putting up a top tier showing at the combine. He put up 3,301 yards and 28 touchdowns in his final two seasons with the Huskers, and how he performs everywhere will be huge to where he’s drafted. He’s not expected to be a burner in the 40 yard dash, but if he exceeds expectations there it could push him up far in the NFL Draft.

Did the Raptors already win the NBA trade deadline?

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The Raptors traded Terrence Ross and a low first for Serge Ibaka on Tuesday. This fulfills years of rumors that Toronto was after Ibaka ¡ª he fills a persistent need ¡ª and does so for a relatively low price, given how good Ibaka can be. (We were reminded of how good he can be in the Western Conference Finals last year, when his defense fully disrupted Golden State’s flow and his offense stretched the Warriors’ defense out.) The real cost here isn’t Ross or a pick: it’s salary. The Raptors are paying a price to challenge Cleveland.

Bill Simmons indicated that the Raptors taking their shot on Ibaka puts Boston in the NBA trade deadline driver’s seat now. I think that’s a hasty assessment for two reasons. The first is that with Paul Millsap off the market and essentially no All-Stars available, there is no obvious target asset for the Celtics. The teams actually in control of the deadline are those teams with very good players they need to decide whether to trade. The second point is that the Raptors still have several assets to swing another deal. Masai Ujiri might not be done. Given Danny Ainge’s hesitance to pull the trigger over the past year also factors in.

The other story here is the aimlessness of the Orlando Magic, but that is a story too sad for this early in the morning. Kristian Winfield explains how the Ibaka trades ended up shaking out for them.

The Cardinals will now turn their hopes for the back of the rotation to Michael Wacha or, as general manager John Mozeliak was quick to point out, perhaps Luke Weaver, the team’s second-best pitching prospect, the one whose high ranking didn’t prove as predictive in 2016 as Reyes’ did.

Austin Pasztor Jersey The team has better starting pitching depth than it did a year ago, but that’s not to say it has anyone with Reyes’ ability — or even close — ready to step in. Few teams do, which is why anybody who roots for those teams dreads news like what the Cardinals received Tuesday. Reyes didn’t even get a chance to put on his uniform before learning he might not have to bother with one this season.

Mr. Walter J. Sommerfelt was pointing at Bienna, and I realized he was awarding her “Best in Breed!” For the fifth time!

“It’s a lot of needing Klonopin and Xanaz,” Murray continued. “I’m gonna go to the hotel, and have a early dinner, and take a couple drinks, and go to sleep. I gotta get up early, I have to go to Pittsburgh to pick something up, then I have to drive to North Carolina and pick up two clients before we go back to Alabama.”

I asked if the clients were dogs. Murray said they were. I pet Michael one last time, and then he and Murray left the ring. He smiled, blissfully unaware that he hadn’t won, because he is a dog.

Then I turned my attention back to Bienna, who Mclaughlin had already paraded around. Mr. Walter J. Sommerfelt was pointing at Bienna, and I realized he was awarding her “Best in Breed!” For the fifth time!

The accepted maxim is that tour golfers don’t retire; they show up at fewer and fewer events, struggling more and more, until it’s time to move to the Champions Tour. Longtime Woods watchers cannot imagine Tiger, whose mantra since “Hello world” has been “in it to win it,” willing to join the over-50 gang or become more of a rubbernecker attraction than he’s already become, almost to the point where fans and media show up to see how much of a car wreck his next outing will be.

Whether Woods makes a statement announcing his retirement, or continues shuffling and grimacing around golf courses in depressing, failed attempts to make cuts for the next however many weeks, months, years, it’s pretty clear to those watching him try to recapture the long-gone glory days of the playing career of the greatest golfer of his generation, if not all time, is over.

“He might play another 10 years, but I just don’t see it if he doesn’t change his golf swing.” Brandel Chamblee on Tiger Woods injuries

Report: Marc Bergevin meets with team leaders, without Therrien

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He also met with Michel Therrien in private, after or before the players.

My first reaction is pure cynicism. Why did Marc Bergevin allow a reporter to witness a leaders-only meeting that didn’t include the coach? Bergevin knows that type of scenario is bound to create endless rumours among Habs fans and media.

Let’s look past the skepticism and give this report the benefit of the doubt. If Bergevin did indeed hold this meeting, I’m not convinced it was for any nefarious reasons. Yes, Claude Julien is currently on the market, but the fact of the matter is that Bergevin has hitched his cart to the Therrien horse, and I sincerely doubt he’ll make a change at this point, especially since the Canadiens are still sitting in first place in the division.

Mario Lemieux Mens Jersey What is more plausible, is that Bergevin simply wanted to speak to some of his leaders. A general manager has the right, and the frankly the responsibility, to speak to his players at least a few times a year. Especially during times like these, when the waters are starting to get choppy.

Dwyane Wade is listed as doubtful for Tuesday’s game against Toronto due to a wrist injury

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to throw the Magic into the same Committee sentence as San Antonio, so permit us this rare indulgence when we make a (ridiculously) bigger deal than we probably should of the fact that the Magic are right there with San Antonio on the short list of teams sporting a better record on the road than they have at home. In real life, of course, this is nothing for Orlando to celebrate, given its status as a team well under .500 wherever it plays; 9-17 in Orlando and 11-19 on its travels. With Magic down to the 14th in the East, it’s probably wisest to focus on what they might do deal-wise, amid increasing evidence that Serge Ibaka will be moved before the Feb. 23 trade deadline.

Chicago Bulls: Dwyane Wade is listed as doubtful for Tuesday’s game against Toronto due to a wrist injury, and we are still waiting for the MRI results. If Wade doesn’t play against the Raptors, rookie Denzel Valentine could see a longer look. You know what Tuesday is, right? It’s Valentine’s Day.

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavs announced Monday that veteran 3-point specialist Channing Frye will start in place of Kevin Love on Tuesday in Minnesota. If Love’s knee isn’t better for Wednesday against Indiana, there’s a chance that Frye could take his place in the lineup for a second straight game.

Jermaine Gresham Kids Jersey Given that the Knicks own their 2017 first-round draft pick, the better play for the long-term health of the franchise would probably be to lose games and improve their chances of landing a top pick in a guard-heavy draft.

But this is a team of veterans that isn’t concerned with how the roster is going to look in 2021. They want to make a playoff run.
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“I still feel optimistic,” Brandon Jennings said earlier this week.