This Packers lineman appears to have peed himself

If you need to pee in an NFL game, you have two options: Authentic Nazair Jones Jersey Wait until you’re off the field, or pee yourself. Guess which option defensive tackle Mike Daniels chose?
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Being more balanced and versatile and moving the ball very well at times is one thing; being prolific is something completely different, and Cutler isn’t capable of doing that. When a team such as the Panthers is scoring drive after drive, the ball control-oriented Dolphins have no chance.

Newton was suspended from the team while being held in jail. The charges ultimately were dropped, and Newton left Florida to enroll at Blinn College for a year before transferring to Auburn.
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Deion Sanders Kids Jersey How did this guy not get ejected? He lands a punch right to Jones’ face.

But wait a minute. This angle shows that it’s really just more of an open-handed slap.

The NFL rules actually don’t require an ejection for throwing a punch. In this case, the second angle shows it was an open-handed smack, not a punch. Holton got a 15-yard penalty, which seems fair.

Watching two teams shoot a combined 34 of 67 from 3-point range will do that to a coach.

“I’ve got players who can’t shoot that percentage in layup line in warmups,” Graves said. “That’s crazy, and it was just one of those nights.”

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