Brady on Sunday set a career postseason high with his 384 passing yards.

Give Rodgers a chance: Rodgers now is 9-7 in eight playoff appearances and will turn 34 next season. His contract extension runs until 2020, so Green Bay has at least three or four more legitimate cracks at Super Bowl with one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

The Packers need to take advantage of those swings. Consider that Peyton Manning’s was 34 when he played his last season on the field with the Colts in 2010. Manning missed the 2011 season before heading to Denver and winning a second Super Bowl. He left Indianapolis with a 9-10 playoff record. The Colts probably feel like they should have won more than one Super Bowl with Manning.

The lesson for the Packers This franchise has been spoiled with Brett Favre and Rodgers over the last quarter century. Rodgers now has three NFC championship appearances and one Super Bowl to show for it. Rodgers almost carried the Packers to another one this year, but he needs a little more help. Give Rodgers whatever he wants, or Green Bay might regret not doing so later.

New England handled Pittsburgh in the second half and advanced to it’s seventh Super Bowl appearance of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era.

Brady on Sunday set a career postseason high with his 384 passing yards. He completed 32 of his 42 passes for three touchdowns and a rating of 127.5. With that, the Patriots out-gained the Steelers, 431-368.

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