Why fans boo Roger Goodell at the NFL draft every year

There is a general theme to the beginning of all NFL draft proceedings, and it typically persists throughout the first round. As NFL commissioner Roger Goodell walks on the stage to announce a teams selection, a curious sound will rain down from the heavens.
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I got the name Raekwon The Chef because at one point I was in the Nation of Islam, and I was given a name, but only the Raekwon part was suitable for the music, so thats where I got that.
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Per the Social Security Administration, about 2,000 people in the United States have been named Raekwon at birth, almost all of them in the mid-90s.

As wed noted when he was a five-star recruit in 2012, seeing sons of Jon Bon Jovi, Deion Sanders, Diddy, David Robinson, Ken Griffey, Jr., and a grandson of Jack Nicklaus head to college provided for YOU ARE OLD moments, as did seeing recruits named Shaquille and Peyton. But a player named after a rapper whod just released his fifth solo album? WE FELT SO OLD.

Tabor isnt a great tackler — per PFF, he missed 16 tackles on 110 attempts throughout the past three seasons.

And then there are also off-field concerns. Tabor was a bit high maintenance during his tenure in Florida, provoking suspensions by refusing to take a drug test and a run-in with a teammate at practice. And he likes to talk a good amount, as well.

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